Meghan’s Words of Wisdom.

Megan is 27 years old and she is one of the employees at The Soup Market in the Public Market.

I stopped by the soup station to conduct a random interview with her and surprisingly got an in-depth emotional response to my questions.

Our conversation began when I asked her about working at the Soup Market. I asked her a few opening questions to get us acclimated to each other and then I asked her some hardball questions.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

For some people that is a very scary thought. Many graduating seniors have encountered this question in many interviews and it really stumped Meghan.

She did not want a head shot because she thought she “looked gross”

She began talking about how that question was a lot more applicable when she was in her 20’s. She said, “When you’re 20 you do not have to deal with the shame, regret and vulnerability of adulthood.”

Meghan ultimately concluded that she had no idea where she would be, because after college she is still on a complex journey of healing.

I then asked, Well what did you major in?

She said education, but she is glad she is not teaching. Meghan said that everyone she knows who is in education is “vaguely miserable”, because they either hate their school, do not connect with their students or they do not like the education system.

I concluded the interview by asking what her advice for her 20-year-old self would be?

At first Meghan looked perplexed. Eventually she responded with “stay grounded and do something that truly means something to you.”

With her words of wisdom rattling around in my mind, I thanked her for talking with me, grabbed my soup and walked away.

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