3 Top Qualities Of A Leader.

There are many qualities of a great leader, and I have had numerous examples of leadership (good and bad) over my life, so I’ve put together the top 3 qualities that I see in great leadership. My list may change later on in life, but as of 25 July 2017, here’s what I think:

  • Vision. Great leaders are visionaries. Being a leader means you are able to stand beside someone, and cast a vision for his life of what it could become, in such a way that he is willing to wholeheartedly pursue that end. Visionaries see things not for what they are currently, but what they can become. Leadership in world changing corporations are always seeing ahead into the future of the marketplace, industry, looking for innovation, progress, and improvement. The day we stop innovating, progressing forwards, and innovating value, we start regressing into mediocrity, average-ism, and obscurity. Great Christian religious leaders see the masses coming to Christ for salvation, healing, hope, freedom, peace, love, and redemption. They look not at the sinning drug addict, alcoholic, mentally tormented individual, but they see a man made whole through the message of Jesus Christ.
Where there is no VISION, the people perish. Proverbs 29:18
  • Passion. The greatest leaders I’ve had in my life always got me fired up about my cause. Passionate people are attractive people, burning with a fire of contagious enthusiasm. I have an extreme passion, an obsession, a maniacal focus on being GREAT at what I do- and if half of that passion could pass onto others, I’d be happy: I want YOU (reading this) to BE GREAT. Be filled with passion about what you’re doing in life, I don’t think there’s any other way to satisfactorily live.
I would rather not exist at all than to exist with no passion for life.
  • Integrity. I will not follow a man who is not honest. I could stop right there! As soon as I find out that a man is dishonest, tells “white lies” or intentionally misleads others, I distance myself far away from that man. Dishonesty is a cancer in the heart of a man. When the history books are written, all you have is your name: make your name one of honor. I do this by having the highest standards of uncompromising integrity.
Dishonesty is a cancer in the heart of man.

I’m trying to be the best leader I can be. You lead more people than you think. I hope that each day I will measure myself up against perfection and strive to be the highest quality leader I can be.