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Picture with my second batch of interns @ Indigo ❤

One of my proudest achievements at Indigo is the development of an internship program that saw us recruit and mentor students from local universities over the past couple of years. Hiring in technology is hard. There is immense pressures to finding talent based on how competitive the job market is in Toronto. I was a lucky beneficiary of a fantastic internship program (University of Waterloo) that allowed me to develop real world experience that confirmed my ambition to enter the software engineering field. I was presented with the perfect opportunity to “pay it forward” now as a software development manager faced with the need to grow the team over the next few years. Initially the plan was to hire two interns for a 16 month term to gradually grow the program and learn. We decided to scale the program out after our first two hires turned out to be mouth-dropping brilliant. …

The main objective of a team lead is to help the members of the team in any way possible to solve their problems. The natural inclination of organizations I have been part of during an agile adoption is to make the team lead the Scrum Master. This has “worked” in the past but now I feel we never practiced Scrum to its full potential. During my most recent agile transformation at Indigo, it is seeing two very dedicated professional Scrum Masters practice their defined role that I truly have seen the true impact and benefits of scrum.

The Scrum Master is a servant leader whose main responsibility is to maintain the focus on the team to help deliver its goal and facilitating the many ceremonies involved with scrum. Many organization start with this role definition and believes this can be a “part-time” role considering the rituals doesn’t take the entire work day and how many blockers are there that needs resolving anyways? In my experience, this is probably the wrong mindset since the positive impacts Scrum Masters provide transcends a typical work day and improves the overall product, people culture, and process. …

This is a multi-part series to talk about our evolving engineering practice at Indigo after we have scaled our team and transition to an agile feature based team.

Agile teams are self-organizing with the full capabilities to complete a feature in their backlog. This is accomplished, in part, with code review. Code review helps our developers learn the code base, as well as help them learn new technologies and techniques that grow their skill sets which is a fundamental pillar at Indigo Digital.

Code Review, is the act of consciously and systematically convening with one’s fellow programmers to check each other’s code for mistakes, and has been repeatedly shown to accelerate and streamline the process of software development like few other practices can. …


Tim Leung

Senior Technology Leader

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