Statism Is Killing Creativity
Katherine Revello

Well-worded response, Talin. The article is fraught with opinion but with little scholastic evidence.

The very existence of the United States of America is an example of creative thought within politics. Great creative thought and deliberation went into the various meetings of the Continental Congress and the crafting and drafting of the founding documents of this Country.

Having been on a City Council and on an Association of Cities’ Legislative committee, the creative energy in the various associated meetings was incredible. Especially in a resource-constrained environment, solving intractable societal challenges required thinking outside the box and relying on the diverse expertise, community connections, and creative energy of every elected official on the committees.

The creative energies inherent in human beings (when people are willing to risk accessing and applying them) have resulted in amazing ideas. By way of only one example, we talked about reducing traffic congestion by changing policies and utilizing public funding to improve network infrastructure so that agencies could have more freedom to utilize web-based solutions through telecommuting and alternate work schedules. That’s creative politics, and among politicians no less.