Tenacity Works

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What is it we do?

Thoughtful, empathetic design makes the world a brighter place. That’s something everyone wants more of, isn’t it? An emotive visual identity is built around what excites you, and that engages and inspires your audience.

A good verbal and visual solution, made with love, makes you and the people around you feel warm, optimistic, and happy– like that feeling you had the first time you heard the Beatles. All you need is love.

And a bit of hard work. Like a well-tailored suit, good design puts a spring and swagger in your step, a gleam in your eye, and a smile on your face. And the world will smile back.

In 2016, stark, cold websites that just grimly do their job belong on the scrapheap, along with other lifeless, over-tech’d solutions that alienate their audience.

Good websites, apps, and the human touch that binds them should feel like a friendly firm handshake, or a grinning high five. Inspired interactive design can capture the effortless ease of a spontaneous gesture.

We strive for a nimble lightness of touch in all our digital dialogues — from the satisfying click of a mouse, the easy thumb swipe on a smart phone, or the open-handed musing of using a tablet as you lie on the couch.

Digital Marketing:
You can be all dressed up, but if you’ve got no place to go, all that design sites and online nous won’t get you out there, where what’s really happening happens. Looking business, being the business– is no business if you can’t get yourself out there. A sharp new image, a deft website– all these are like dancing to no music if you don’t get out there and make some sound. Let’s go and bang the drum together, and make a glorious noise.
Our Skills:
We don’t just bang one drum. Branding, interactive, and marketing — how it looks, how it works, and who’s talking about it– are like improv jazz, a group effort that draws on a broad selection of skills and instruments. Good ideas come from an orchestra, a gospel choir– not a lone busker.

So let’s make something great, from the ground up. Beginning with that first “Aaah…” epiphany during a first chat over good coffee, to the enthusiastic pen strokes on the back of a napkin. It’s about emotion, about sharing. People buy stories.

A few of the things we do:
• Brand Design & Development
• Web Design & Development
• App Design & Development
• User Testing & User Experience Consulting
• Digital Marketing Strategy & Execution
• Social Media Strategy & Execution
• Print Design & Production

Our Team
There’s a prevalence of bland, cookie-cutter design, websites, and marketing out there. Monotone, static — like the dull hum of a fridge. This is what happens when a company starts referring to customers as ‘users’, and calling team members ‘resources’.

Delightful solutions with warmth, personality, and a rich polyphonic spectrum are like good, cherished mix-tapes. Like any great compilation, it takes a varied choice of cracking tunes to keep people engaged and coming back for more. Each of our people bring their own skills, unique voice and sound to the final rich tapestry of sound and vision. We wouldn’t want to keep banging out the same old tune, and our team of indie strategists, designers,and developers keep the things we make always different, refreshing and authentic– just like you.

Our two offices may be thousands of kilometres apart (8997.42km to be exact), but our team works and plays like we are all in the same room. This connected mindset means we work seamlessly with clients all over the world, whilst always retaining the personal touch.

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Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Tenacity Works is an indie digital design and marketing agency that punches above its weight. From getting the look of your company in prizefight condition, to fancy, nimble footwork in the digital space, or punchy marketing that hits where it counts — we want to be your champion.