21 things you should be aware of before moving to Boise
Chelsea Snow

1/2) rare event that happens when conditions are just right/wrong.

3) Logical fallacy; the rest of the state is red as they come Boise is a mix.

4) see 3

5) Boise is on the edge of a semi-arid desert not in the middle of it

6) nothing to say but yes the bus system sucks

7) yes but that is a misnomer because of the low cost of living (i have a one bedroom down town for $470 a month)

8) so

9) see above we hate that crazy sob

10) please include the fact that the history museum is undergoing renovations and the cost of employees has been reduced until done.

11) Citation needed

12) yes the dog park has a lot of poop but so does any dog park try other places on the green belt or in local parks

13) No, we are really just happy (took my wife back too when she moved from Baltimore she also took it as fake)

14) yes but the number is closer to 30%

15) point being?

16) true

17) you must have never looked or your idea of good food is limited (see yelp or other sites like it)

18) see 17

19) is there a statement there?

20) “I don’t know all the details of these cases, but what I do know is that in two separate incidents, the BPD have shot and killed friends of mine from high school.” get details before commenting.

21) you have a problem with fighting breast cancer?

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