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I can relate to this story a bit. My wife and I are both in our 40s…well SHE is, I’m 38. We have a one year old daughter.

When we started trying, she was a full time nurse and I am a software developer. We we’re bringing in about 120k and so we thought that with our advanced ages…(hers more than mine of course), ;) we should get cracking.

My health insurance was not great, I worked at a small software company so I was paying $850/month and it was fine since we had extra money and we were relatively healthy and didn’t really need to go to the doctor that often.

After she got pregnant we found out that our health insurance had a $90 co-pay for specialists. My wife has had a life long thyroid condition but had not checked it in a while since it was well managed with diet.

So now she is pregnant and she had a rough time of it. She was very sick everyday almost to the point of needing anti nausea meds. She got gestational diabetes and of course an OB is a “specialist”. So her whole pregnancy she was seeing 3 specialists for $270 extra a month. Not including prescriptions.

After she quit working her income was gone, (she made more than me), we were swamped with hospital bills and her OB’s office said that she was about to get kicked out if we didn’t pay our outstanding balance.

Long story short we ended up filing bankruptcy and have just come out the other side of that.

The moral? You can never say you are in a good financial position to have a baby. You never know what will happen over those nine months. We were making almost four times the national average and we still ended up filing bankruptcy.

If you want a baby, GET ONE, they are awesome. Who cares what people think. And now after all the medical bills are gone and my wife is back at work and I have a better job with better insurance we are fine again.

After that initial cost a child doesn’t cost that much. We make the same amount of food we always did and I just take a small portion from my wife’s plate and a small portion from mine and give it to the baby.

Due do my wife having a large family we just now bought our first box of diapers a year later since we mainly asked for diapers at her baby shower, (you actually go through WAY more wipes than diapers).

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