How Parents Can Rent Out Unused Baby Gears to Make Extra Money

Keyword Search on Google in United States


As you can see in the graph above, average of 19,000 people searched through Google to rent baby gears including strollers, carriers, baby cots, baby sleep gears and many more in United States. But so far, there is no single website that offer parents to list their baby gears for rent until I stumble upon this on Facebook.

When I clicked on the website (, it showed this:

My Opinion

I think it is a good idea to just rent the bulky equipments like stroller, car seats or even baby carrier when travelling. In my opinion, this is a great idea. As for example, some strollers are suitable for a baby until 6–8 months only, same goes to car seats, baby cots and others. Then, the strollers will not be used and just left in the garage until this family get a new baby — for United States it takes around 4–6 years. For me it is a waste and I don’t think after 4–6 years the stroller is suitable for use anymore. objective is to enable any United States parents to rent out their unused baby gears to anyone interested around that area. The owner can make extra money rather than leaving the baby gears unused for years.

Concern on the Hygiene of this Rented Baby Gears

The main concern here is the hygiene of the baby gears — the owner must kept their item clean and maintained well before renting it out.

Problem is, everything a baby uses — and I mean everything — gets peed on and vomited on. How are you going to rent out a vinyl-covered high chair to one family and then get it clean enough for the next?

Cleaning with antibacterial solution is good enough as long as you can clean it right after you use. I have no problem with this as I can make sure the high chair for example is clean before I rent it. If not, just move to the other renter as you have no commitment even after you meet up with the renter.

How Much Usually People Charge for It?

Offered Price fof Baby Gears on
  1. Stroller : Around $50-$70 per month
  2. Cradle : Around $40 - $60 per month
  3. High Chair : Around $40-$60 per month
  4. Crib : Around $40-$80 per month
  5. Car Seat: Around $50-$70 per month

Source: Expectantly

But it depends on each renter how much they want to charge depending on the gear condition and newness.

Overall: This idea is very good and I would like to try it after they launch soon. If you want to signup for thier Early Bird Access Click Here: BabyRent.Co — Only for United States Resident

Thank You