Nutrition with Dignity

Doing the dishes at the REFB Kitchen Collective

#GivingTuesday was a wonderful opportunity to renew and recommit to my personal mission of “giving to support the change I believe in” by donating to a variety of important causes, including one which touches me in a very personal way — hunger relief. When I was young, my family relied on food assistance for a brief period of time (explaining my enduing love for large blocks of orange cheese). I still have a vivid recall of the effect it had on me as someone in need, leading to my belief of “nutrition with dignity.” Living with need affects people to their core, and, so can the way in which assistance is provided. We can help people overcome the indignity of need when we help them well. This is one of the reasons I choose to support the Redwood Empire Food Bank Kitchen Collective as a donor of both time and funds. With a mission to “transform donated ingredients into complex, nutritious, seasonal entrées” for those in need, I believe it is an innovative way to provide nourishing meals while conserving and extending the shelf life of high-quality donated food ingredients. Nutrition with dignity. Creating well-balanced meals using perishable donated ingredients adds capacity to food programs that feed people living with food insecurity, in essence leveraging in-kind donations of food by making them meals. (Plus, I am awesome at doing dishes…) #MyGivingStory

Help me support the important work of the Redwood Empire Food Bank. Read #MyGivingStory and vote by “liking” it! They could win up to $10K to help feed those facing food insecurity in Sonoma County: