The Purpose of Life is to Be a Nobody
Zat Rana

I relate to humility, which I see as a major point of the essay. My work is frequently a source of it, showing me what I don’t know or got wrong. My wife and children are another source of humbling experiences. I am humbled when I look at the stars, and that in a joyful sort of way. But if I were nobody, I suppose I could somehow stop being present in court while on trial. In that case, I am somebody to the court deputy. We are someone to those around us, and they are someone to us, someone more valuable than “nobody”. What is my moral and ethical obligation to a “nobody”? Not much, I expect. But the somebodies around me hope I will be law abiding, or they will call somebody at 911. A gigantic universe doesn’t excuse me of my obligations to the somebodies around me. I find meaning and joy in responding to those obligations, temporary and fleeting in the context of the universe as that may be. It is our time, until it isn’t, yet what we do affects the future for others.

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