It’s My Photo, But It’s Not Me!

The Damage of Impersonation on Social Media

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I’m a writer, a published book author, and a technologist. As such, I have a web site, and I use various social media channels for my marketing. In the industry, we call it “branding.” My name is my brand. Unfortunately, my face is not my brand. I do not need my face to be a part of my branding. I want people to know me for my words and my stories. …


I’ve been around for a while. In the dark ages, I taught myself how to write video games. It was not pretty, but I got it done, and I learned a lot. Then I leaped games to business applications. Being the studious and observational home-grown developer that I was, I quickly learned the GIGO principle — Garbage In = Garbage Out. If you want good software to be delivered, you have to put good design and quality into it. Just as a reliable house has to be designed and built, a reliable application requires quality design and effort. …

“Life is What Happens When You’re Making Other Plans” (Unknown)

My Ready to Be Productive Office!

In my last article, “Laid Off? Time to Panic?”, I stepped through a very common mental process which happens when faced with a sudden change in a career path. In summary — keep a cool head, adapt, and move forward! Easier said than done, right? Well, now I’m going to highlight the important steps to follow when faced with such a life-changing situation, or at least the steps I dove into with the goal of diving into freelancing.

Step One: File for Unemployment Benefits!

If you’ve been gainfully employed during…

What do I do now?

“I’m sorry, but we’re going to have to let you go.”

Just the sound of those words, without anticipating it was coming, can be devastating. After almost eight years with the same company, I was not expecting to hear these words. I had made myself invaluable, or so I thought. I had introduced Scrum, did technical writing, support, custom SQL reports, business analysis, established good customer relationships, and charted operational costs versus costs of release cycles. But, when projected income does not match up with the ongoing cost of operations, cuts have to be made.

Been There. Done That.


Timothy Trimble

I’m a published author, freelance writer, technologist, and software developer! Basically, a geek who likes to write.

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