5 Unconventional Yet Effective Ways of Treating Anxiety

Anxiety disorder is a common mental health problem, affecting millions of people globally. In the United States alone, approximately 40 million people are afflicted with some sort of anxiety disorder. Despite astronomical sums of money being pumped into treating anxiety disorder, it is still a major health woe across the world.

The two most common treatments for anxiety disorder are selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Anxiety can be present in every individual in varying degrees. While the severe ones call for clinical treatment interventions, the everyday stress and anxiety can be handled with a little effort on part of the affected individuals.

Here, we take a look at five such unconventional methods of coping with anxiety disorder that are simple, yet effective:

1. Feigning a smile: It may sound weird, but this is an effective method of facing anxiety squarely and at the face. A smile produces physiological as well as psychological benefits which help in beating stress and anxiety. The facial muscles used during a smile are wired with the brain. So, when somebody puts on a smile it also signals the brain to be happy and one immediately feels joyous. An immediate feel good factor is generated and the attention is taken off the stressful issue.

2. Reading books: Reading books is always rewarding, be it for enriching the knowledge base or for pacifying an agitated mind. It is the most primitive technique and panacea for many illnesses. If the book is helping beat stress and handling anxiety, there is nothing like it. It is an unfailing way of keeping stress at bay. Reading a book can be fun, inspiring, engrossing and it replenishes the reader with verve. So, inevitably, anxiety can surely be driven away by flipping through pages of a good book.

3. Looking at fractals: Staring at fractals, be it in nature, architecture or art, is a proven technique to keep the mind off anxiety-ridden thoughts. Various studies suggest that looking at fractal patterns in nature like the ocean waves, snowflakes or swirls in a painting has a soothing effect on the mind. Participating in a fractal observation ritual for 20 minutes every day can help in alleviating anxiety.

4. Doing household chores: Household chores can be tedious and cumbersome, which are far from being pleasant, hence, one really wonders how it can bring about calming effects to an anxious person. But, they do. Surprisingly, a few jobs at home can act as the remedy for stress and anxiety. Chores which entail repetitive motions like ironing clothes or polishing shoes can take the mind off unpleasant thoughts and bring instant relief from anxiety.

5. Petting a dog: It is almost like a therapy when somebody pets a dog. Dogs are great stress busters and being with a pet dog can be relaxing. It has been proven by previous studies that spending time with a dog eases anxiety and depression, lowers blood pressure and beats anxiety disorder.

Recovery roadmap

Though it is debilitating to suffer from anxiety disorder, it should not be the end of the road, as recovery is possible. Successful anxiety disorder treatment is a reality for those who seek help at the right juncture.

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