First things first..

You’re the realest.

Just kidding. Here I am on Medium! Some of you might know that Medium was blocked in Malaysia because of Sarawak Report posting their articles on their Medium page. That’s when I found out about Medium and I could access it because I was in Melbourne at the time. Didn’t bother with creating an account because I didn’t have time to write at all. For those who know me and come across this page (hello!), you will know that I write occasionally somewhere else.

Anyway fast-forward to today and Medium is no longer blocked by the Malaysian Government. I have now been back in KL for 4 months and everything has sort of been a roller coaster ride. Job-hunting and the next phase of life is scary, but older people will laugh and say it’s just the beginning.

Truth be told, I’ve just been given two offers but they are not exactly the conventional blue/white-collar work that a majority of my peers aspire to. Job security is a big thing and also earning some $$$. Everyone knows how shit the ringgit is and it’s only important to earn as much of it as possible to cushion any impacts the exchange rate might have on our wallets. For someone like me who is used to buying things online (and overseas), it’s a big, painful hit.

Anyway, the point is that the job offers that have been coming are super unconventional. One is with an NGO doing human rights work and the other is a startup. Both will not pay me a fantastic salary where I can save up tons of money, but they will allow me to grow tremendously. The NGO one in particular is something that I’ve always loved doing: policy making. So very tempting to just say yes immediately. But I have this fear that my IT skills will become obsolete and if ever I want a change of scenery I’ll have my work (literally) cut out for me.

On the flipside, I’ve had interviews with companies and one very popular telco mistook me for a jack of all trades, master of graphic design (which I am not, at all). I think my CV was clear enough but they were just firing in all directions. Mind you, when they called up they said that the role wasn’t what that had been advertised on their careers portal (If that wasn’t dodgy enough already). The other one was a brutal technical interview and I wasn’t good enough, let’s put it that way. It’s tough, but I have come to accept that I have other skills and I’m not as hopeless as I think I am. After all, that degree has to be worth something.

Despite all that, I’ve been able to get some web development work in so that I have a bit of side income. It feels good to be confident in doing something again. Also not doing it for free adds to the motivation. Finally the end of the year is coming up and I’ll be heading to Melbourne in early December for my convocation. All in all, it isn’t so bad.

I’m glad things have turned out okay so far, I just feel I can do much better than this. I’m either going through an existential crisis or quarter-life crisis has started early for me. Anyway, I’ll be writing here as I find out along the way.

Stay tuned!