Mantra of Positivity

A Commitment to My Higher Self

A turtle hatchling meets the ocean at Playa Ostional, Costa Rica. Photo by: Timo Way

Olive Ridley turtles push through their shells and crawl their way from the grave-like tomb where their mother left them, to begin their journey in life. Once they reach land, what enfolds is not a fairytale, or rehash of Finding Nemo; the hatchlings face a reverse-d-day esque battle to the sea. Vultures wait for turtles to appear, and prey upon the helpless hatchlings — they’re doomed the moment they appear.

The turtles, from the moment they’re born, have a purpose. Their purpose is to make their way home by any means necessary. Fear is not an option. Do they know their destination? Or are they driven by a higher purpose? Do they trust the process?

We humans tend to have a problem with fear, with resistance. Thus, enter my meditations with the goal of radiating positivity:

I must experience the life that I was meant to experience.

I will travel the world interviewing people, writing, and hustling hard to make things happen.

I will create content that inspires people.

I will help people live their dream vision.

I will do things that I love, and only things that I say “F yeah!” to.

I will live below my means, and live a fulfilling life by any means necessary

I will cut the fluff and live on the edge.

I will place myself in an environment that inspires me.

I will surround myself with people that push me, pull me, uplift me and radiate positivity.

I say Yes to myself. I say Yes to Universal Guidance. I say Yes to the Right Now.

I say Yes to being good enough.

I say Yes to living a life full of miracles.

And so it is.

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