How to master the task with MeisterTask

Does the thought of details and process drain you of your inner spirit…..

For all us in a role where details, projects, task, and just the regular day to day get smashed up into one little ball, you know that keeping up with it all is not just physically but mentally draining. Well I am here to save the day! Well not really save the day but maybe provide a tool that will help control the chaos (or as all us kidmin folks say Organized chaos.) I stumbled across this application and just wondered could this MeisterTask really help me? You better believe it did. It did not just help me but it helped my entire team!

How did it help?

It helped by not only allowing me to have a one stop shop to process my thoughts and ideas, but it allowed me to create them into organized list and share them across my entire team. MeisterTask uses a simple but sleek project managment interface that allows me to create project boards and then process jobs inside each area so I can watch a project go from start to finish in one place.

What does it offer?

  • Project Management
  • File Uploads
  • Collaboration
  • Time tracking
  • Integration's
  • Mobile App’s

How much is it?

It is available for 9 easy payments of…. Just kidding it is FREE!!! Now don’t get me wrong it does have a paid pro version but I have still yet found a reason to upgrade to it everything the basic version does is amazing.

Take a look at it for yourself. I am sure if your in the hunt for project management or just a great place to keep track of your own personal task list MeisterTask is going to do it for you! Give me a call or drop me a line if you would like to talk about ideas of how we use it, we love to share tips and success!!

Tim Parfitt -Children’s Pastor

Cornerstone Community Church

951–674–8661 x 1039