Preparing for 27 months abroad.

Two weeks until we fly out! Liza and I are busy preparing. Our minds are full of logistics and excitement. Here is a quick peek inside our current preparations:

Getting our American life in order.
  • Selling my car
  • Renting out our home
  • Taking care of school loans & other finances
  • Suspending our cell phone service

What a liberating feeling to simplify! This has been a process and its crazy that the time we’ve been working towards has come. We feel good about our arrangements for life back home with just have a few loose ends to wrap up.

Getting our Filipino life in order!

We have been reading up on Filipino culture and talked to many people born and raised in the Philippines. Peace Corps has provided us a lot of information that we are digesting as far as culture and history in the Philippines. My cousins had us over their house for an authentic Filipino meal- if that’s the kind of food we are in for, we will be ok. (Thanks Trish and Nick!)

We’ve also been learning Tagalog on Rosetta Stone. I can count to ten and name about half the colors in the rainbow. We are supposed to know 50–100 words before we go and I definitely know at least that many. The language is a unique mix of English, Spanish and Asian “NG” sounds- “Magandang mga batang sandwich” (beautiful little sandwiches). The 3 months of language training will help a lot. We are heading into this at not-quite pre-k level.

And packing! In a couple weeks I will detail what we are bringing. A lot of waterproof items, that’s for sure. We each get 2 checked bags/100lbs to fit our next 27 months of life into.

Savoring the last moments

Being so far from friends and family is definitely the hardest aspect of preparing for me. The possibility of not being there for big life events while we are overseas is inevitable. I hope that these are few.

This site is the best way to see what kinds of things we are up to and I’m really excited you’re here so we can share our experience with you. We also would love to hear from you about what is going on back home. Download “Viber” and “WhatsApp.” Liza and I will be able to stay in touch over Wi-Fi in the Philippines using these apps. Audio calls, video calls, texts, and pictures for free. Facebook is also a good way to contact us.

Technology has made the world so connected- We will be 12 time zones away on the other side of the world, yet we will be able to video chat in real time. Amazing. Definitely a perk that today’s Peace Corps Volunteers have that older Generations didn’t have.

Thank you all for reading our blog. You can get updates via Facebook or Twitter (@timphilgill). You can also create a Medium account and follow to get email updates. Talk to you next week.


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