Tim Pivarnik Served Griffith High School With Best Of His Skills

Tim Pivarnik is an experienced professional who has been teaching and assisting young students from the last 15 years. His main objective is to attain high administrative leadership position for a bright professional career. He completed his studies from Indiana University Northwest, Gary, IN as a B.S in Secondary Education and M.S in Secondary Education respectively. He has a rich experience of serving the most reputed schools of his region as a Principal with the best of his skills and abilities. Those schools include Portage High School, Griffith High School, Calumet High School and Gary Middle College. Currently, he is taking classes at Indiana Wesleyan University for his EdS degree and school superintendent’s license.

At Griffith Middle School, Tim Pivarnik served a prestigious position of Dean of Students as well as an Athletic Director for one year i.e. 2006–2007. Later on, in next year from 2007–2008 he served the position of Assistant Principal at Griffith High School. In a broader perspective, let’s discuss what kind of tasks and responsibilities he handled at Griffith. There, he did student registration and residency requirements for new and returning students. He also assisted the Principal and Assistant Superintendent in interviewing and hiring teachers and does teacher evaluation based on their performance. He organized and supervised the administration of all ISTEP and ECA testing. He made various disciplines for the grade 9–12 for the betterment of education level in the school. He also assisted in the development of the Griffith Alternative School student handbook and writing the grant proposal for the alternative school.

In addition to this, Tim Pivarnik also organized Crisis management team for high school and conducted fire emergency and code red drills. He wrote safety school grant. He chaired IEP student case conferences. He authorized and supervised student fundraisers and field trips. Even the summer school planning and administration was also on his shoulders. Other than this, he was involved into extracurricular organizations, transportation, career center liaison, and oversee exploratory teachers. During his period of service at Griffith High School, he assisted principal in all school improvement development and implementation of the various plans suggested.

As with the aforementioned information, we could gather the fact that all the responsibilities handled by Tim Pivarnik not only polished his skills as an Assistant Principal but also prepared him for more challenging roles in the future. For more information about him, his education, and professional experience please visit https://www.linkedin.com/pub/tim-pivarnik/25/889/b46 .

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