Tim, I read your Suzanne Sullivan post, all the way through it.
Scott Myers

Wow. I knew about the earlier career in stand-up comedy, but I don’t remember you telling us about the music. The story you tell must’ve been a blow, but 300 gigs a year ain’t too shabby!

And that’s definitely a post for your blog. People need to hear that story, and I’d be thrilled if you were to link to my article at the same time.

We’re still in Asheville. Just finished a screenplay about a woman going to her big Irish American Family’s reunion in Dingle and developing a crush on an Irish Rob Gronkowski, not knowing the man is her father’s secret bastard son. But it won’t end like Lone Star, where they just pretend they’re not related and get it on — that was a little too troubling.

All the best to you and yours! Hope to see you down the road at some point.

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