An Open Letter to the NFL Rules Committee

  1. Make the Doink the American Rouge: There have been a lot of field-goal attempts bouncing off the uprights in recent years. There have been lots of try-for-point doing the same thing since the ball spot for extra points moved back to the 15-yard line, essentially a 30-plus-yard field goal. It can be entertaining to see which way the ball will go — through the uprights, wide to the side, or drop short. But I propose a one-point award to the kicking team whether the ball bounces true or not. It’s a compromise from a three-point goal, but it’s better than a missed kick. In tied-score games you might even have kickers aim near the upright with the chance of a doink if they don’t have an otherwise successful kick. This is not unlike the Canadian Rouge where a team is awarded one point on a missed field goal if the returning team can’t advance the ball out of the end zone. The difference is that in the Canadian Football League the goal post is on the goal line and the end zone goes 20 yards deep. Still, with a tied score the field-goal unit doesn’t have to have a successful kick to win the game. And even though extra points are only with one point, they still get it on a doink.




Movies and sports writer.

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Tim Quam

Tim Quam

Movies and sports writer.

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