There’s one big problem with Holacracy — — the vast majority of people either have an ill conceived…
Bill Lewis

I hear what you’re saying, Bill. Still, I wonder if the perceived complexity is more the result of the founders needing to spell everything out than anything to do with the inherent complexity of the model itself. Traditional hierarchical management models would look pretty complex if organisations had to spell out every detail of what is involved in using them. We don’t see them as complex because we are already familiar with them. All the tacit rules about delegation, zones of authority, resolving disputes, etc, is second nature, so it doesn’t need to be written down. The rules of the Holacracy model, by contrast, reflect a break from tradition, so they do. I bet that after a few weeks working with the system, all that complexity fades into the background.

I found this article on Holacracy was helpful.

I’d recommend that you review this article, then take another look at the Holacracy Constitution. I found that many things fell into place.

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