Why is website maintenance/support is so important

Tim Redman
Jun 8, 2017 · 2 min read

Many businesses understand the importance of having a website, however often they view the site as a one-off build. Once it’s launched, other than content updates it is then forgotten about.

So here are three reasons why support and maintenance should be taken seriously.


This is the number one reason why maintenance is so important. Websites run on servers, and these servers aren’t that much different to the computer you may have in your own home or business.

Just like your home or business computer these servers need to be kept up to date to minimize the risk of a virus or malware causing havoc or loss of data.

The recent NHS cyber attack (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-39899646) is a prime example of the risk of not keeping your computers/servers up to date.

It’s really important for updates to be carried out and testing done on a regular basis to keep your data safe and secure. A breach could be hugely costly in terms of lost traffic or missed sales.

User Experience

As a site grows over time, issues may surface that impact the functioning of the site. It could be something as simple as a broken link, or as serious as a piece of broken functionality.

As web browsers and mobile devices update, you may also find that previous functionality no longer works, or visual elements no longer look as they did.

Whilst developers will do their best to future proof websites, it’s not always possible to anticipate changes that browser/device manufacturers might make in future.

If your website isn’t being maintained and your users are receiving a bad experience (visually or via broken functionality) they will likely look to your competitors for a better experience.

Driving Search Engine Traffic

Search engines like Google are constantly updating their criteria for websites to place at the top of their results.

Websites not being mobile ready is a good example of one of Google’s criteria changes over the years, if your old site hadn’t been updated to work well on mobile devices you could find Google leaves you out of search result entirely. Especially if your customer is performing their search on a mobile device!

If your website is not regularly updated to cater for these criteria changes you may find your ranking is impacted and you’ll receive less traffic, very bad news!

Website support and maintenance, not something to be missed!

If your business has a brick and mortar location, you wouldn’t dream of letting it fall into disrepair, this would have a detrimental affect on the number of customers visiting and your bottom line. Your website is exactly the same, if not more so, as it’s your global presence!

Committing to regular maintenance and support is an investment in the best experience for your visitors, providing a safe and secure environment for transactions and keeping hackers, bots and malware at bay.

Tim Redman

Written by

Bournemouth Web developer

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