I doomed mankind with a free text editor
Morten Just

With almost any type of writing, what matters is the audience, purpose, and context. This tool isn’t for creating great literature that you want to delve into and spend hours interpreting, it’s for creating clear, concise text in situations where that is warranted. And for that purpose, I think it’s a great idea!

My former job as a tech writer involved taking ideas from PhDs who actively tried to make their writing as complex as possible (perhaps in the vein hope that it would impress people?), and trying to synthesize those ideas into something that a lay audience could readily absorb, not because the lay audience wasn’t smart enough to understand the big words, but because they, along with most of us, are constantly bombarded with mostly unnecessary communication and have little time to absorb it.

When what I need to know is how to get from step one to step two, I just want to know how to do that as fast as possible so I can get on with my day. It’s pointless and annoying to wade through a bunch of big words because the author wants me to know how smart he or she is. In fact, that kind of writing often causes misunderstandings that could easily be cleared up if the author just stated the idea more directly. It’s arrogant and naive to assume that big words mean big ideas.