Organizations should empower their workforce to share on LinkedIn.

As a young professional, it’s quite concerning for me to hear and read that there are organizations who disallow their workforce from being active on LinkedIn.

Whatever happened to employer advocacy?

In my opinion, a company’s most important brand ambassadors are it’s employees, not paid influencers.

I’ve talked with students who tell me that they cannot determine if a company is a fit for them until they’ve talked with an employee from a company they are interested in who can speak to the work culture and experience of that company.

This tells me that students are interested in working within a community of people they feel they can grow with and learn from, not just an org chart.

This is why company’s empowering their employees to be advocates and encouraging them to engage on LinkedIn is so important.

Employers can start connecting with young talent/students right through LinkedIn all by allowing their workforce to be strong advocates and brand ambassadors.

Workforce transparency is in. Does your company have advocates?