To all the college students who are struggling to keep up with a hectic semester, CONTINUE to breakthrough.

College isn’t easy and as a first generation college graduate, I can relate with your situation.

You’re going to have long semesters.

You’re going to have late nights.

You’re going to make PLENTY of mistakes along the way and that is COMPLETELY fine.

Find A Mentor

If you’re in your freshman or sophomore year, I encourage you to start identifying juniors and seniors who can be mentors to you and allow them to share how they’ve found success and what mistakes you should avoid.

Your mentor does NOT have to be in the same major as you, but I encourage you to find someone who you share similar career interests. with. This will allow them to more effectively tailor their guidance and feedback.

If your college has mentorship orgs/programs, BE A PART OF IT.

You can ALWAYS learn from someone who has been where you are and is going where you want to be!

All in all, good luck with your semester and continue to BREAKTHROUGH!