ENFP Profile: Finn

Our journey through Star Wars: The Force Awakens continues, as we ghost ride a Carl Jung / Isabell Myers-Briggs Limited Edition Millennium Falcon right into your dome.

Ah, Finn. Same idea as Jar Jar, better execution.

Not only is Finn holding down Michaelangelo’s Orange Bandanna of comic relief, he’s also the mouth piece and avatar for the audience.

This is what you were born to do, my ENFP padawans.

How We Know He’s an ENFP

Storm trooper is a bad fit for an ENFP. Like everything else in Finn’s universe, the scale of how bad this job is for him is comical.

Contrast Finn’s personality with his complete opposite, Captain Phasma / Brienne of Tarth, serving up polished chrome and justice (ISTJ, literally spells justice). Their approaches couldn’t be more different, and you can see this dynamic in your life when telling jokes to police officers. You have to be really, really, really good. Finn’s not there yet.

Leading with Exploration (Extraverted iNtuition), Finn has his best ideas as he’s talking and doing things. Sharing this cognitive function with their ENTP cousins (Tyrion Lannister, Deadpool, The Joker, Tony Stark), this helps them improvise socially, demonstrating a flexibility that keeps up with the dynamic environment that the Hero’s Journey provides to a supporting ENFP.

Finn’s second preference, Authenticity (Introverted Feeling), showed up when we saw he had a problem shooting people. Sure, it was fun playing pretend in the simulations, but once shit hit the fan, Finn was donezo.

We don’t see much of his third preference, Effectiveness, so for now, let’s dig into the two we see plenty of.


Extraverted iNtuition (Ne)

Ideas! Brainstorming! Thinking out loud! Talking instead of doing is a time honored tradition and hobby for ENFP’s. Like ENTPs, their best ideas often come in the middle of their own sentences.

We see another fun example of how this cognitive function can manifest when he is immediately, aware of Rey’s naivety and implicit value alliance with those of the resistance, allowing him to spin up a fitting lie that worked in spite of his nervous, jumbled delivery. It seems as if he had a feeling it would work, and that gave him just enough confidence to squeak out what many of us would only think of later, all while being steamrolled by a female ISTP with a weapon (which is terrifying).


Introverted Feeling (Fi)

Yet, in spite of his lie, John Boyega’s delivery of this character is so good, we can see how uneasy he is with this lie.

Unlike Finn’s ENTP cousin (oddly missing from the Star Wars universe), he’s mentally evaluating his recent actions for Authenticity, where as ENTP’s are checking for Accuracy. They both have an internal grading scale, very different targets.

As he toggles between Exploration and Authenticity, we can see him come up with ideas as he talks (Ne), then evaluate them internally based on how the people affected feel (Fi). A good idea to an ENFP might be one that makes people laugh or happy. A good idea to an ENTP is one that aligns with the data and goal. If that goal is to make people laugh, you’ll see ENTPs functioning like ENFPs.


Extraverted Thinking (Te)

We will have to wait to see more of Finn’s 3rd cognitive function preference (Te), which is the 10 year old in the back seat of the car telling you the right way to do shit.

“Keep it down back there!” — Exploration (Ne) and Authenticity (Fi) shout simultaneously. Effectiveness (Te) crosses her arms and pouts.

What do you think? Sound right my fellow T’s? Feel right F’s? Smell right Tucan Sam?

Alright, alright, alright, alright.

Random ENFP Thoughts

Our generation’s ENFP overlord, Drake just dropped an album that is…actually pretty good.

Foggy Nelson may be the most perfect portrait of an ENFP. Daredevil on Netflix.

Qui-Gon Jinn may be what a self-actualized Finn looks like.

My brother Blake is an ENFP. He reminds me of a Labrador.

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