When asked what the hardest decision he ever had to make as President was, Barack Obama responded with the decision to send 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan. It came during a time of massive pressure to withdraw from the war entirely. There were still plans to do so at some point during his presidency, but for the time being, he had to go against that decision. The decision was not unanimously taken well. The 30,000 troops were being called a ‘surge’. All the while, the Taliban was still an influential force in the areas they occupied, so removing troops too…

I recently picked up Seth Stevens-Davidowitz’s Everybody Lies at the library. I read an article a while back about his ideas on ‘big’ data, and how data from Google searches can tell more about the thoughts and behaviors of people than any survey or questionnaire ever can.

I believe this to be true. You search Google for information you would never feel comfortable telling your friend, spouse, parent, teacher or colleague. Seth goes on to talk about how Google decided to publish this data with Google Trends. Google Trends is Google’s analysis of the data from their search engine. Even…

How overworking affects your identity, your mental health and the success of your company.

There’s a story in American folklore of a man by the name of John Henry. John Henry was a steel driver hired by the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad whose job was primarily to dig a spike into the ground, making way for new tracks to be placed on the planned railway. One afternoon, a challenge was proposed by a traveling salesman with a steam powered drill to test the effectiveness of his product against the sheer power of a qualified steel driver. He proposed that this drill could outwork any man on the site. Henry, being the bold and obvious…

Timothy Seaton

Partner at @blueskyprtnrs. Eager to learn.

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