Native Win32 API support for Flutter and Dart

As a product manager for a developer framework and programming language, it’s not always easy to find time during the workday to write code. …

Ongoing progress towards an ambient computing vision

It’s no secret that our mission for Flutter is to target a broad variety of devices— including iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, macOS, and web — from a single codebase, with native compilation and game-quality visuals. Within Google Flutter is used by projects from Assistant to Stadia, from Cloud Search to Blogger. And outside of Google, Flutter has been adopted by companies from ByteDance to Grab, from Nubank to MGM Resorts, all of whom benefit from the productivity and flexibility of Flutter.

Many of you are interested in progress on desktop operating systems including Windows, macOS, and Linux: in surveys and on GitHub, desktop is repeatedly one of the most popular new features. Over the coming weeks, we’re going to show off more of our work here, and we thought we’d start by surveying some of the work from various feature teams that contribute towards the overall project. …

We aren’t posting a #FlutterGoodNewsWednesday article this week.

Here on the Flutter and Dart teams, we want to take this moment to stand with the Black community and tell you: we stand with you, we see you and we support you. This week’s events in the USA are a painful reminder that systemic racism remains prevalent and that justice is distributed unevenly in our society.

We know that these are not issues that are solved with a few words; we need to engage individually and corporately. …


Tim Sneath

Product Manager for Flutter (a framework for building mobile apps) and Dart (a modern, client-optimized programming language) at Google.

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