How to Upload a Custom Video to Instagram Stories

By now I’m sure you have heard. You have probably scratched your head and participated in some chatter about how Instagram is ruined or about how they “stole” the stories from Snapchat. Say what you want but the fact is that this is a big move for Instagram and there are elements of the UX that I feel are much better than Snapchat.

However, the most noticeable improvement is one that hasn’t gotten a whole lot of chatter. That is the ability to “upload” custom video content as a story. This is a big deal because it gives brands more options in terms of production. Essentially, you can shoot your own 10-second commercials. Here are the steps…

1 — Record a Video and get it On Your Camera Roll

This is assuming you have an iPhone, but the rules still apply for an android. If you are shooting the video on a camera other than your phone, you will need to use some file sharing tools such as dropbox to get the video on your phone.

2 — Open Up Instagram Stories

This is the same screen that everyone is used to seeing. If I were about to post on a story on Instagram, this is where I would do it from. I need a hair cut.

However, within this screen, we have discovered a secret jewel. Something that cannot be found by simply looking, you must dig. Can you guess what it is?

3 — Swipe Your Thumb Down to Reveal the Content

If you pull down on the screen, the last 24 hours worth of photos and videos are revealed. So if you followed step 1 correctly, you would have your customized video ready for you in the cue. You can see what it looks like in the picture below!

Warning — if you let your video sit for more than 24 hours, it will disappear.

A New Addition to Modern Day Social Media

It’s official. We now only have 10-second attention spans, but this is the world we live in and so as business owners we have to adjust to the market.

I feel that Instagram is going to take a chunk out of Snapchat’s market, but it will not kill Snapchat. No way. What it will do is bring parents and people 35 and older into the new age of micro-content.

It’s safe to say that the Snapchat interface is “less mature” than the Instagram interface. Instagram is easier to navigate is more natural as it still has the same photo sharing capabilities as ever.

This is a big move for sure.