Connecting Leukemia Survivors on LinkedIn

Radiating Real #55 — 💓 In December, will celebrate thriving with leukemia for 15 years. (I’m pondering planning a virtual party)


Three months ago I shared my cancer story for the first time on Jenny Gold’s live show:

Also shared my leukemia story on Nancy Barrows M.S. CCC-SLP’ Connected Human Conversations LinkedIn Live show: :

💓 Decided to share my leukemia story for the first time in depth on live shows thanks to the inspiration of leukemia survivor Steve Sullivan as well as Nancy Barrows M.S. CCC-SLP, creator of the #RadiatingReal movement, which encourages us to show up as our authentic selves in the moment, removing our masks.

A few months ago after I shared my story, I edited my LinkedIn profile title to include “Leukemia Survivor.”


💓 After I added that, I was contacted by another chronic leukemia survivor, who was only diagnosed in May. We recently had a wonderful chat — sharing each other’s stories, getting to know each other personally and professionally, and we are now friends and stay in touch.

Recently, I was searching on LinkedIn for posts with the word “leukemia” in it.

💓 I saw this amazing video — one leukemia survivor had her cousin deliver French Crullers to this other survivor that she was talking to without telling her.


She knew that she loved French Crullers, and the cousin only lived 15 minutes away!

After I saw this video on LinkedIn (, I had to connect with the person who orchestrated this.

Had a phone call with this amazing lady tonight. She is a 5 year chronic myeloid leukemia survivor. She gets really tired and takes oral chemo medication Imatinib.

She’s also really funny — she’s working on creating a nonprofit organization that focuses on comedy to raise money to help pay the bills for parents of children who are diagnosed with cancer.

I love this so much! 💓💓💓


At the end of our call, I asked her if it was OK if I connected her to the other survivor I spoke with a few weeks ago. She sad YES.

I never thought I would be using LinkedIn to connect with other leukemia survivors and connect survivors with each other.

I am so grateful! 💓💓💓

#RadiatingReal is all about showing up! Taking off the masks we wear and letting our beautiful, authentic selves shine! We are making sharing our totally real self the norm and not the exception!!

Be part of this radical change!

To participate:

1⃣ Take a photo of yourself right when you wake up and post it on LinkedIn. 📸

2⃣ Include the hashtag #RadiatingReal in the post

3⃣ Tag Nancy Barrows M.S. CCC-SLP & Tim Sohn so we can support you! 🙋🏻‍♀

Tim Sohn is a 15 year cancer survivor.

I would love to connect with you on LinkedIn at

Or you can email me at




💓 Get on the path to launching or leveling up your live streamed show to make massive impact | Leukemia Survivor |

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Tim Sohn

Tim Sohn

💓 Get on the path to launching or leveling up your live streamed show to make massive impact | Leukemia Survivor |

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