Radiating Real #63 — 💓 I so needed this — haven’t people’d in so long. My sis Eileen Sohn, Steffen Kaplan — my brother from another mother (although sometimes I wonder if he’s a Sohn by blood) & I were together in person. It felt so good to … share delicious pizza & conversation from Steve’s Wood Fire Pizza in Tuxedo Park, N.Y.

Then, we headed to Bear Mountain — took a hike and lots of photos of course because that’s what we do.

LUVVVVVVV you Eileen Sohn & Steffen A. Kaplan 💓



Radiating Real #62 — #RadiatingReal #62 — about connecting with amazing people on LinkedIn on the human level. 💓 Been feeling disconnected lately, and …

Aya Fekry sent me a connection request the other day.

She tunes in to #ShoutoutSaturday LIVE …

and saw my post about feeling disconnected

(read it here: https://lnkd.in/dWWnjTGM).

💓 We got on a call this morning, after we were watching a LinkedIn Live show with the amazing 🎙Ingor van Rooi, ACEA (L.I.O.N.) & Usama Zeid Bashir Salim.

😊 She has the best smile and the best heart and the best energy. You can just feel it bouncing off the screen.

Aya wanted to have a conversation on the human level — as people.

And we did!

And I’m so grateful for it Aya Fekry.

You made my day!!! 💓

Connect with Aya at https://lnkd.in/dN9th8b6.



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