Brick Usage
Gris Anik

39 limited mainly by my typing speed. My technique was to imagine a location and walk around it in my mind, like a mnemonic, looking for places to use bricks: wall, weapon, paperweight, table, chair, book shelf, diving weight, hot air balloon weight, brick powered painting, brick powder weapon, brick powder poison, brick powder talcum, paving, patio stand, bbq, tower, blocks for kids, inside punch bag, throw at things for fun, hollowed out hide out for valuables, barbells, karate chops, hot brick to keep warm, hot brick to cook on, hot brick to keep food warm, hot bricks in our heating system to use night electricity, insulation of house, use in ceramics as texture and colour, brick pendulum , brick step, door stop, raise furniture, hide keys under a brick, garden border, car park wheel block, brick print t-shirt, brick as symbol for labour, brick on head for balance practice, punch bricks (to harden hands).

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