Agile-lite: A slightly more pragmatic approach to going Agile

Tim Tamimi
Aug 15, 2017 · 7 min read

What I love about Agile is…1. It’s realistic — I can make it clear to the customer that I can deliver a certain set of stuff, and we agree that I’ll work towards the desirable objectives as and when resource allows (MoSCoW).2. It’s focused on exposure — Everyone in the team should have some idea about the bigger picture. Although everyone has a speciality or focus, we are all cogs turning in the same machine and we work together to achieve the same overarching goals.3. It creates cohesion — People in teams gain a better understanding of each other’s roles.4. It creates focus — Open discussion gives the team members focus and accountability, so that tasks are completed. Blockers are picked up, discussed and resolved as a team sport.
I will enable my team to be Agile by…1. Exchanging ideas about how we can set expectations: When commencing a project, agree with the customer what are the ‘Must haves’, and be clear about what might not be achievable.2. Creating a visible Kanban board, so that:
A. All team members can see all the projects in the pipeline.
B. All team members can see what each person is focusing on.
C. The team can break down large tasks into bitesize chunks of work.

3. Asking everyone in the team to invest the time to talk to others about what each person does, how, and why. We will soak up each others’ expertise so that we can share burdens and triumphs.
4. The team will have regular group catch ups and we will think out loud, so that we know what each of us is doing today, and so we can help each other overcome issues as and when they arise.

Let’s talk about Kanban

The bits of Agile that I’ve left out

At least a checklist gives you context as to what’s done and what needs doing. I’m not sure how displaying a y=-x graph on my wall helps productivity.

Just before you go: A note on Agile…

And if you’re reading this and you think there’s something I could do better, please let me know. Thanks for reading.

In hindsight…

Tim Tamimi

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Digital enthusiast. Experienced developer. Startup founder.

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