Part. 1. (March 2015)

I have done a lot of travelling this past year. Lisbon, Porto, Monaco, Nice, San Francisco, Nairobi, Mombassa, Dubai, Goa & Mumbai(of which i call Bombay). Some great places some great adventures and ample photographic opportunities. I thought I would start using this account that has been inactive for a while to share these journeys with you guys. I didn’t know what to start with, let alone the other hundreds of photos from my home town of London and other escapades, so here we go.

Walking around the streets of Bombay is electrifying, in both a good and bad way. The constant hooting, I got used to that, the thousands of people, I was meh about that, the heat? I wasn’t cool about that, it reached 42 Celcius as I was stuck in traffic in the busiest place I have ever seen. But anyway, this is a town full of life and one that never stops. As a Londoner I was stoked that I could go to Starbucks at 1am with air conditioning and it was buzzing as if it was lunchtime.

So today is about balconies & windows. In Bombay there is only one way to build, and that is UP. I have not seen so many balconies and so many air conditioning units perilously hanging. I decide to make a short photo series showcasing some of these.

“Shut the damn windows, you’re gonna let the flies in”

Esplanade Mansion (Watson’s Hotel), this is India’s oldest surviving cast iron building. Constructed between 1860 & 1863 it was designed to be a hotel. Architect & Engineer Rowland Mason Ordish is also known for designing the dome of the Royal Albert Hall. * Fun fact, India’s first screening of a moving film premiered at this establishment.

Esplanade Mansion (Watson’s Hotel)
Another view of the Esplanade Mansion (Watson’s Hotel).

The current state of the building is in has been a topic of late and the building has been been placed in the World Endangered Monuments list and approval was granted for restoration.

Walking around South Bombay you can see the British influence on the local architecture.
The locals have their way of doing things.

Take to the side streets

Take the side streets, the road less travelled can open a range of opportunities where you find a scene that is just perfect for your photograph.

Life continues, make do with what you have.

Old walls, tired roofs, stained clothes, spinning air conditioning units. This is Bombay.

I hope you enjoy this small collection, I plan to schedule these posts regularly and by all means if you enjoy the content, style of wording & general tone do let me know. I am not a professional photographer but what I want to share with you is a glimpse of what I see in a photo. In life keep on experimenting and always put your twist on the daily.

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