Why Menlo Ventures Invested in Julia Computing

Finally Evolving Scientific Computing

Two Language Problem

Fast-Rising Popularity

Julia is amongst the top most loved languages
Unique and Aggregate Developers on Julia and Spark Over Time
New and Total GitHub Stargazers Over Time

Use Cases

Pure Speed

Julia never goes below 20mph.
Julia always stays above 50mph.
Performance comparison of algorithms identically implemented across languages. Lower is better, baselined against C at 10⁰.

Type System

Multiple Dispatch

190 available methods for +()


Julia fib function
LLVM IR on naive fib function
@code_native x86 for fib()

Rich Set of Libraries

Package management in Julia baked into the REPL is fantastic


Package management baked into the JuliaHub UI
JuliaHub Example solving ordinary differential equations

C Integration

Python Integration

Ridiculously Slick Python Integration — Two Ways to do it

Julia Is a Language AND Platform

CSV and DataFrame Speed Crushing Python and R

Relative csv read performance for R, Julia and Python using R fread(), Pandas’ read_csv() and Julia’s CSV.jl

Differentiable Programming (∂P)

The Founders



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Tim Tully

Tim Tully

Partner at Menlo Ventures focused on DevOps, new data stack, cloud infra and AI/ML. Previously CTO and head of engineering, product, design, IT/sec @ Splunk.