#SkittlesWelcome Doesn’t Help The Issue

Or Why You Should Think Before You Hashtag

#SkittlesWelcome was trending on Twitter today after this lovely post from Donald Trump Jr. today:

Yes, you read that right, Donald J. Trump Jr., just likened Syrian refugees — fellow human beings — to a sweet indulgence of Americans that we could go without. He likened them to a treat. Something you give children for good behavior, but not too much because you might get cavities.

And what did America do? We played his game. From about 9am EST till about 6pm EST, #SkittlesWelcome trended all across Twitter. While the sentiment is clear, “Syrian refugees are welcome in America” the execution is horrible. Fact is Syrian refugees are humans and not delicious treats.

It comes as no surprise that the Trumps would make such a statement. It is the same rhetoric that has been coming from the campaign the entire election cycle. But by stooping to their level and using the hashtag #SkittlesWelcome you are doing the same thing he did — you are continuing to liken these human beings to Skittles.

Stop it.

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