After the Dust Settles — Making Sense of the Non-sense

I think the absolute destruction in that strike in very much on par with an air blast weapon used on the side of a mountain with a valley below. The blast wave in any air blast bomb will be affected by terrain and elevations. Besides, what could it hit in the valley below, the blast would have stayed above those features. Crater?… no, those bombs “BLU-82” etc, have NEVER been cratering bombs. They flatten, flash burn and crush things. The whole area in the blast zone looks like a crushed rock quarry…now if that was in a wooded flat area, you might very well see damage in a mile radius. As for deaths, they only know about the ones they FOUND, not the ones buried in tunnels, caves, etc… or vaporized by the blast to begin with. It very obvious that given the target, that weapon did it job very nicely. I do know this, I would not wanted to be in the 1 mile range when it went off, would you??Regards. TT