Kiteboarding Lessons — I Want You to consider Them Because I’m Selfish

Whenever I hear someone new to kiteboarding ask “Are kiteboarding lessons really worth it?” every kiter I understand unequivocally screams “YES!”. Upon hearing this, the asker usually includes a doubtful look on his face. You can tell anything they are thinking — Surely I could teach myself, can’t I? Why is it that these people want me to shell out more money? Well, I can’t speak for all, having said that i can speak for myself — I really want you to consider lessons partly because I am just selfish.

Let’s face the fact that kiteboarding has its own dangers. These kites are huge and they also can certainly throw you in the air — the truth is, they are designed to accomplish that. In Oahu, Hawaii Erik Eck, a professional kiteboarder was lifted 200 feet in to the air from a freak gust of wind and carried for longer than 40 seconds. Thankfully he survived the event unhurt — nobody has long been so lucky. There are various records of kiteboarders who may have been injured — a lot of them beginners wanting to teach themselves or unqualified riders looking to teach a buddy.

Generally speaking, public reaction to kiteboarding accidents has become to ban the sport altogether. From Brazil to England, entry to some amazing beaches has long been restricted and officials are calling kiteboarding “a danger to swimmers and beachgoers”. Some signs read “No Kiteboarding between Sunup and Sundown”. When else am I supposed to ride? Many beautiful beaches have become unavailable for kiting which upsets me. I wish to ride there, and i also really should be in a position to.

Kiteboarding will not be the rogue sport that is definitely sometimes made over to be. Worldwide, kiteboarding organizations are implementing training programs that happen to be safe and greatly reduce the chance of accidents. These same organizations are re-negotiating rights to restricted beaches according to their training systems and safety record — and guess what? They’re slowly making progress; beaches that when were closed are open again. But let’s not ruin it — a preventable accident can close them forever.

Florida kiteboarding help keep you safe, and in addition they keep our beaches open! International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) certified instructors place many focus on rider and bystander safety. Their entire program is made around getting you up and riding inside the safest manner possible, and they teach you exactly how to maintain that all time you venture out. They are looking out for yourself, every beach user, and each kiteboarder who would like to ride in many of the most magnificent locations on earth.

So, if you inevitably be wondering “Are kiteboarding lessons actually worth the money” please evaluate the sun tanner over the beach, all of the effort gone into re-negotiating rights to restricted beaches, and think of yourself… Is saving $300 well worth the opportunity pain and suffering? Ask these questions and maybe you will see the solution. And let’s take into account, I would like to ride there too.

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