Dear Indie Diary #23

Hey lads!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everybody! 2017 was kinda productive and I hope that 2018 will be much better. This year I’m going to work on The Movie Theater Hero and start pre production of game I thinked about a lot of time and it will aimed on Steam and maybe on current gen consoles. Also I will learn more about Unity3D, I will learn how to create 3D graphics and improve my overall drawing skills to make better games.

Sprints of The Movie Theater Hero

And back to current status: this Sprint is number 14 and looks like I have grow if you look on the chart. It’s cool to write down everything, apply charts to it. I also want to have a some ML algorithms applied to my personal and daily work charts. Maybe with time I will achieve it. Time will come when AI will be stronger than regular human mind and it will help us a lot. And part of me want to say that we already have a lot of situations when smartphone is clever than human that holds it.

And also! The game is already on Google Play Store: So you can try it if you want.

Next week:

  • I want to “integrate” Unity3D analytics to game
  • Add some sort of tutorial

That’s all folks! Have a nice week.