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Futurist, marketing executive and sometime writer with 25+ years of industry experience and a passion for the future.
The “flytrap” at the Nazi Bell site publicized in Nick Cook’s The Hunt For Zero Point. (Molke)

Twenty years ago, he broke open the secret world of aerospace black projects — here’s what he thinks the defense industry should tackle next. We’re joined by Nick Cook, award-winning aerospace & defense journalist, former aviation editor of Jane’s Defence Weekly, best-selling author of The Hunt for Zero Point, and the founder of the NCW Action Global. Nick joins us to discuss emerging aerospace technologies, defense-industry black projects, and a cross-sector industry initiative to find solutions to global challenges.

NATO’s forecourt sculpture represents the stylized compass that serves as the Alliance emblem. (NATO)

NATO was built for the cold-war, but a focus on innovation & interoperability is helping it adapt to new challenges in the 21st century. We’re joined today by Rob Murray, the Head of Innovation at NATO, to discuss his role addressing challenges across the NATO Alliance using creative organizational ideas, innovative policy formulation, and leveraging emerging technologies.

An Atlas 5 launches AFRL’s TDO 2 satellite to support space domain awareness. (Spaceflight Now)

Learn how the prestigious Air Force Research Lab is going above & beyond to improve resiliency, increase domain awareness, and develop next-generation technologies to maintain our nation’s space capabilities and deter conflict. We’re joined by Col. Eric J. Felt, Commander of the Phillips Research Site and Director of the AFRL Space Vehicles Directorate, who leads a team of over 1,000 personnel comprising the nation’s center of excellence for military space technology research, development, integration, and demonstration.

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall as seen through Liberty Square Arch in Taiwan.

The Hong Kong national security law demonstrates the PRC’s willingness to take draconian measures to reunify China. Are increasing tensions in the strait an indicator that Taiwan is next? We’re joined today by Dr. Namrata Goswami, an independent scholar on International Relations and subject matter expert with the Futures Laboratory. She’s working on a new book focused on China’s grand strategy and territorial ambitions, and joins us to discuss the state of China’s relations with Taiwan.

LinkedIn is the world’s #1 professional networking site with over 760 million users. (Kinsta)

The COVID-19 pandemic has left millions without jobs, but in today’s digital workplace they’re not without hope. We’re joined today by Joe Frankie III, a West Point graduate, seasoned executive, and the award-winning co-author of LinkedIn: The 5-Minute Drill for Executive Networking Success. Learn the insider tips, tricks & best-practices to empower your career using LinkedIn, the world’s #1 social networking platform for professionals.

When I transitioned…

Global water scarcity threatens millions, but one startup hopes to change that by extracting high volumes of water directly from air. We’re joined by Shannon Stuckenberg, the CEO & Co-founder of Genesis Systems, and we’re discussing her organization’s crusade against global water scarcity and how a new mindset towards water is driving innovative new solutions.

Great, Tim, I really appreciate you taking the time…

A novel superconductor is held in a diamond-anvil press during testing. (Adam Fenster / University of Rochester)

In this exclusive interview we explore the discovery of the world’s first room-temperature superconductor with Dr. Ranga Dias, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Physics & Astronomy at the University of Rochester. He joins us to describe his team’s historic achievement of room temperature superconductivity in an organically-derived carbonaceous sulfur hydride at a remarkable 58 degrees Fahrenheit and a crushing pressure of 39 million psi.

Thank you, Tim. It’s a pleasure to…

The Second Space Race has started with a great powers competition for strategic space resources. We’re joined by Dr. Namrata Goswami, an independent scholar on International Relations, subject matter expert with the Futures Laboratory, and co-author of the new book “Scramble for the Skies”. She joins us today to discuss the economic ambitions of the Second Space Race and the international competitors striving to dominate the final frontier.

A flag flies outside a burning corrections facility amidst protests & rioting in Kenosha, WI. (SCMP)

America is at war with itself — but are racial and political divisions really to blame, or is something deeper fueling our discontent? We’re joined by Dr. John Parmentola, Adjunct Staff Member at the RAND Corporation, to discuss his upcoming book, “Creating Wealth from Worthless Things”, which argues that a risk-averse focus on efficiency & incrementalism has hurt the economy, reduced individual opportunities, and widened the wealth gap underlying today’s social conflicts.

A 2017 NASA study found lightning to be the main driver of US wildfires. (image: Frank Cone)

Lightning strikes start over 9,000 US wildfires and cause $5 billion in damages every single year — but a new laser system for creating artificial lightning channels hopes to change that. We’re joined by Dr. Jean-Claude Diels, Professor of Physics, Astronomy and Electrical Engineering at the University of New Mexico, who’s spent over three decades studying laser-induced lightning discharges with the goal of safely redirecting this powerful force of nature.

Tim Ventura

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