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The Second Space Race has started with a great powers competition for strategic space resources. We’re joined by Dr. Namrata Goswami, an independent scholar on International Relations, subject matter expert with the Future’s Laboratory, and co-author of the new book “Scramble for the Skies”. She joins us today to discuss the economic ambitions of the Second Space Race and the international competitors striving to dominate the final frontier.

Namrata, welcome! I’d like to begin by asking about your background & what your inspiration was to develop expertise in International Relations and the space industry. …

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A flag flies outside a burning corrections facility amidst protests & rioting in Kenosha, WI. (SCMP)

America is at war with itself — but are racial and political divisions really to blame, or is something deeper fueling our discontent? We’re joined by Dr. John Parmentola, Adjunct Staff Member at the RAND Corporation, to discuss his upcoming book, “Creating Wealth from Worthless Things”, which argues that a risk-averse focus on efficiency & incrementalism has hurt the economy, reduced individual opportunities, and widened the wealth gap underlying today’s social conflicts.

Welcome, John! Right now, there’s a lot of social unrest in America, with increasing social fragmentation along racial & political fault-lines, a rise of interest in socialism, and growing distrust of the financial system. …

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A 2017 NASA study found lightning to be the main driver of US wildfires. (image: Frank Cone)

Lightning strikes start over 9,000 US wildfires and cause $5 billion in damages every single year — but a new laser system for creating artificial lightning channels hopes to change that. We’re joined by Dr. Jean-Claude Diels, Professor of Physics, Astronomy and Electrical Engineering at the University of New Mexico, who’s spent over three decades studying laser-induced lightning discharges with the goal of safely redirecting this powerful force of nature.

Jean-Claude, welcome! You’ve done a lot of research into atmospheric lightning and the laser-stimulated conduction of air. …

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