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Come on. This is trash. And, I’m a huge Celtics fan first thing I do every morn 365 days a year, is Google celtics news.

Nah, the team still struggles against top tier teams. Playoff basketball is not regular season basketball. Typing a headline that’s says celtics are a threat to win the title this year. .come on. First have to get thru Raptors…no small task, and they just added Ibaka, who can really ball. Then Cleveland, LeBron is bored now, but come playoff time, he’ll be back. And then by some miracle if the c’s could get by those first two huge hurdles, there’s the super team of the ages, GSW. No, this article is 100% click bait and not worth the paper it’s written on (and since it’s not written on paper, I guess that tells us what is worth ).

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