There’s something deeper than engagement.

We should move past measuring engagement and focus on how things make us feel

As humans we are not inclined to think about things we don’t care about.

So as consumers are we ever going to feel anything towards a brand, product or service that doesn’t resonate with us?

Since the rise of social media, marketers have been fixated on various metrics such as reach, impressions and the latest — engagements.

At Social Chain we don’t believe in traditional marketing, we believe in disruptive, internet breaking social media. It’s one thing to say this, but it’s important to everyone in our agency family to embrace our ethos, as this is paramount in helping us disrupt the ever changing, social landscape.

Instead of becoming fixated on the latest vanity metric, it is our mission to create content, campaigns, products and services that make humans feel.

One of the most effective ways to do this in our experience is to tell stories.

Stories evoke emotion not to be manipulative, or for melodramatic effect, but to cut through the constant barrage of information that inundates us and to deliver the message: this is worth your attention.

People forget facts, but they never forget a great story.

Another way to initiate real emotion in people is by starting a movement.

This can be done by creating a powerful message that people can relate to. The message needs to inherently make people feel, whether it be positively or negatively.

Distributing this message correctly, then becomes so empowering that your audience feel it necessary, to not only engage with the movement, but to contribute towards it with their own thoughts — in turn making others feel.

Using the specific hashtag #MyGymReason enabled Social Chain to create a movement across multiple platforms, making people feel part of something bigger than just a marketing campaign.

Our social analytics tool, Crimson Hexagon now allows us to track how our campaigns and products make people feel, as before we were only able to measure positive or negative sentiment.

This insight is vital in supporting Social Chain on our mission to evoke emotion in people, with everything we do.

This is just the beginning of our journey, to keep up to date with our learnings you can follow @TheSocialChain & @timwillhyde .