This is a one-minute film taken by myself, I used the technique ‘A POV — A point of view shot (or a subjective camera). A POV technique is used to record a character’s life though their eyes and shown on the film which makes us to see what the character sees.

I choose the Noe, Gaspar — Enter the Void (2010) POV as the example to take this film. In his film, we can see the blink of the eye, the mirror which reflect the character also the water attaches to his face and both of his hands. Those elements create the point of view where we see what the character sees.

Figure 1, A POV by Noe, Gaspar 2010

In my film, we can see I used the same element as Noe, Gaspar did, rubbing my eyes, both of my hands and feet also the shake when people walking. I took this film at my home. The technique used in here is to let other people to understand and join to the viewing through your eyes to sees the objects and places. Each people will have a different feeling when they see somethings though different angles, and the technique of A POV is used to record the feeling and the angles so other people can understand it as well.