Tricks to Save Money On Christmas Flights

Now that Thanksgiving is over, the holiday season is upon us, which means yet another month of hastily booked flights and bad deals on tickets. Here are some tricks to help you get a better deal.

Make Your Schedule Flexible

Most people already know that booking a flight in advance will save you money but they often neglect the impact that the dates of the flights themselves have. If you look at the screenshot from Google Flights below, you should notice the steep increase in airline ticket prices around Christmas time.

For most people, getting the time off for a two-week vacation during the Christmas season is nearly impossible on short notice. This makes it important to start looking at flights months in advance so you can plan your time off around these dates. These cheaper dates are also a great way to get the most out of your air miles if you have a travel credit card.

What Can You Do to Save Money Now?

If you’re just starting to look at flights now, it’s probably too late to take extra time off to save money. So what can you do now?

Read the Fine Print

A lot of airlines offer great last-minute airfare prices that seem too good to be true. Unfortunately, these deals usually are too good to be true. Many airlines post cheap flight prices to stay competitive in tools like Google Flights and Kayak then charge additional fees for things that you’d think would be included in the ticket price. These items that have extra charges are things like assigned seats (Forcing you to pay more if you want to sit with your family), baggage check, and some even charge for carry-on luggage. Be sure to read the fine print so you can account for the total cost of your flights instead of just the upfront price.

Flying Earlier or Later Than Common Flight Times

You can save money by avoiding peak business travel hours, which are around 8–10am and 5pm-7pm. Leaving earlier or later than these times can save you some money on your tickets.

Check Out Alternate Airports

Most people search for plane tickets by the city, but there are a lot of alternative airports that are relatively close to your destination. If you’re visiting family, they probably won’t mind driving an extra 25 miles to come get you.

Hopefully, these tips can help alleviate some of the stress from your holidays!