This is good advice for young people

Despite this truly being a selfish article, it’s just as relevant to anyone around the age of ‘adulthood’. It’s a bit preachy so take from it what you will.

Basically, I was too young when I graduated high school to know what I wanted to do. I still don’t know exactly, and I’m 24. I wish I had stopped and really thought about it instead of being swept into making choices I wasn't completely set on.

This is the way I see it. You are educated for about 12 years of your life on topics that are essential but far from career inspiring. You have a network of support staff who guide you through this process every step of the way, especially if you’re lucky enough (or unlucky) to be placed in the private system. And after you've worked as hard as you ever had throughout your final year you’re finally spat out the other end *silver spoon removed*. You can now do whatever you want — but are we really prepared to make these decisions? Personally, I wasn't. I was caught so far off guard I was like a batsmen still taking centre despite the bowler already having knocked over my middle peg. I was confused and felt rushed into making the decision to study some generic business bullshit the following year and overlooked really thinking about my future whilst doing something I would of preferred to be doing (travel, volunteering or working in an interesting field- think Jackaroo).

It’s probably important to mention here that a plausible reason for all this hesitation and confusion could boil down to the fact that you are still very young when you’re 18. Despite technically being an adult, most people definitely don’t act like they know what they’re doing, so why would their choice in university course be any different. The fact is it’s not: one in five university students drop out or change courses in their first year. Arguments could be made that dropping out or changing courses infers they do know what they’re doing, but a few months earlier they didn't. Which stresses the point that these times are uncertain and expeditious.

At this stage you’re probably thinking “Yeah, but I was happy with my choices back then and university was exactly what I wanted. Who is this guy to say this shit?”. I’m happy for those people truly, even jealous. I also understand that most bachelor degrees are set up so that you can dip your toes into lots of different pools and decide which one satisfies enough to be your major. I guess the problem that some encounter is the broader unknowing of what area they should study or general unreadiness for a commitment such as university. And if you find yourself asking those questions then don’t do something for the sake of it. It’s a waste of everyones time, most importantly your own.