Part one: Don’t vote Trump

Commenting on the US presidential race is similar to eating a whole roast chicken, where do you start? The existing commentary is overwhelming for obvious reasons; this is a race like none other because of him and her, but mostly him, and the nomination is one of great International importance. Almost everything that I have read, listened to or watched regarding the race has personal attachment beseeching to not vote Trump, not necessarily to vote Hilary, but definitely to not vote Trump. And yet amidst the microscopic analysis of the day to day campaigning, debating, polling, candidacy health, personal lives of family and whatever else has been reported on, I started losing sight of the bigger picture of why Donald Trump should not be the next President of The United States. Here is part one where I detail why.

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The third debate proved to be one the most enlightening from this dreadfully awful race. The moderators had no issue intervening when either candidate talked off topic and mostly contained dialogue to political policy instead of personal vendetta. Nothing much changed with Trump, he reattempted to drill the same issues into the heads of those swing voters he’s having a hard time persuading. Hilary too, responded consistently, but did so with a bit of grit in her teeth and with vigour. Best seen when the topic of experience was thrown into the ring. Weirdly, Trump was the one to bring it up:

Trump on Hilary: “Very much involved in every aspect of this country and you do have experience. I say the one thing you have over me is experience”

He further acknowledged Hilary has been in office for thirty years to which he mangled a reproval about why she didn't do anything to stop the Trans Pacific Partnership deal or anything else that’s unfavourable to the US since Hilary’s been politically aligned. The attack was irrelevant and softly landed and followed up with a tenuous allegation that six billion dollars was stolen from the State Department Clinton was the head of — there’s no guessing who Trump suggests stole it. Clinton’s comeback had more punch and gave viewers a one minute summary of both candidates experience over the last thirty years.

She also managed to land some left hand jabs tying in Trump’s racist, misogynistic ethic. But ignoring all the hair pulling comments Hilary and Trump have exchanged (although that is important and will be mentioned in another part), what’s bewildering is that Trump has no political experience and she’s got a proverbial ton. That’s the bigger picture.

Unlikely political commentator and great actor Tom Hanks had a simple way of putting it. The important part is at 54 seconds.

The thought of anyone being elected to the most powerful position in the world when they have zero experience in that field is dumbfounding. To make up for knowledge lost Trump resorts to the Internet to tell him the important stuff— not joking he’s been quoted as saying “All I know is what’s on the Internet”. The Internet is a plentiful resource but I interpret what Trump said to mean ‘I go on the Internet when I need to find out things.’ Wikipedia wouldn't be a bad guess to where he goes information hunting given his fact checking approval rate.

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Regardless of experience, candidates still need to outline policy to allow voters to base their decision and part of Trump’s national security policy is a fail proof plan to defeat the so called Islamic State. When pressed on the exact contents of the plan this is what we have been told:

Trump: “I would knock the hell out of them (ISIS)”September 19th 2016

Trump: “We are gonna knock the hell out of ISIS” February 9th 2016

Trump: “I would bomb the shit out of”ISIS November 12th 2015

It’s reassuring that he has an agreeable objective to get rid of ISIS but it’s unconvincing how it’ll be done. And has anyone told Trumpy that ISIS aren't an actual state as in a country. Their members are spread throughout the world including in America and Europe so bombing the shit out of them would be a bit silly. That is what you expect from someone with zero experience in the field. An equivalent example would be me saying I’m going to cure all human diseases even though I don’t have a skerrick of scientific knowledge (I guess I can just Google it (scientific knowledge)like you know who — not Voldemort).

Despite the assurance that Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway has seen the so-called plan and rumours milling that he might reveal little fragments of it we still don’t know anything about it and probably never will. Unless, of course, he gets voted president. So, technically we’re playing a game of wait, see and keep fingers crossed there is a plan and that it will defeat the so called Islamic State.

The sketchiness of the whole ‘knock the hell out of them’ plan for ISIS is similar to the declaration he will, if voted president, deport 5–6.5 million undocumented immigrants, although Donald has exaggerated that figure to be 11 million before (that’s a big exaggeration). The creation of a ‘deportation task force’ will be the means to doing this and is a little easier to get your head around although its potential execution is a lot easier said than done and will likely incite obvious backlash.

The theme in both of these examples is extremely skeptical planning or no planning at all due to lack of knowledge and experience. What Trump has proposed are ideas that Trump followers fantasize about under the presumption that President Trump will just do it because he makes things happen. While the rest of us remain confused questioning the nebulous method to his madness.

Part Two to come.

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