How Many Thinks Does it Take to Get to the End of a Pandemic?

How Many Thinks Does It Take?

1. Bandwidth is extremely limited and extremely important.

2. Many things steal our bandwidth that are largely out of our control.

Bandwidth exhaustion can trigger the brain’s threat response.

3. The loss of routines during the pandemic has led to huge, unexpected bandwidth demands.

4. Our bandwidth is exhausted from all of the pandemic uncertainty.

When will it end? Our brains want to know!

5. Bandwidth exhaustion can trigger a threat response that can make us act more controlling, angry, or avoidant.

Many of us avoid by “checking out” with food, alcohol, or technology.

6. Bandwidth exhaustion can push us towards right-or-wrong thinking, which makes us more likely to be judgmental.

Over-reactive brains are quick to judge.



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