Lets talk about the three types of people we all will encounter in our lives.

Comrades, Confidants, and Constituents.

It is very crustal to be able to recognize what type of person in which you have invited into your life. “What category they fit into” so that you know how to handle them.

Comrades: A comrade is a person who is not your friend in fact they may not even like you but they stand for or have a like problem in there lives that you may be encountering in your life and for those reasons the two of you have come together to fight, support, or handle one common interest.

Once the issue is over the two of you go back to “not knowing one another”.

Confidant: Is someone in your life that is FOR YOU. Come hell or high water they are on your side. This person loves and supports you for you, just as you are! A confidant will hold your deepest secrets, bail you out of jail, stay by your side when you are being a jerk, be right there by your side when you have lost everything and have to start all over again. If in your lifetime you can come a cross even one confidant then you can consider your self blessed and highly favored!

Constituent: This is someone who could easily be mistaken for a confidant but be careful because constituents are only there in your life until something or someone better comes along who can serve there purpose better than you can. Constituent's are friends who are for what you are for but not necessarily for you! You will have more constituents come and go in and out of your life than any of these three but you will know them by when they leave you and move on so be careful who you tell your deepest secrets and dreams with!