Time Isn’t Money….Time is Life!

You have heard the saying ‘Time is money’? Where did that come from? For me the connotation that time is money…immediately puts me into a negative space…stressing about making the most out of every minute, in case I lose money! Now think about putting it another way……’Time is life!” Do you immediately feel more relaxed and happy?? Stress is a thought…it is the result of taking on things that are either none of our business, trying to pack way to much into a day, and not realising that 24 hours goes so far, or listening to other people trying to get you to do things that are impossible! How about the other saying ‘They are getting their pound of flesh?’ WTF?? How can we allow someone to intimidate us into giving a pound of flesh! This is all Industrial revolution thinking! We need to switch gears NOW into Information Age thinking!

I was reading a story on the internet about a cab driver. His story was titled ‘Time is Money’, go and find it…it really is sad, and very angry. The guy had been in jail, for nearly killing a fare jumper! Now, I understand that driving a cab, one expects to be giving a fare at the end of the trip……however, nearly kill someone for not giving you the fare? With a ‘time is money’ mentality, one can see how this guy fell into a state of rage. Was it necessary? I say ‘NO NO NO”!! The story goes on to tell how he doesn’t want to talk to anyone, he is not interested in their lives and he won’t pick up anyone who doesn’t have cash! Why the fuck would you be a taxi driver?

Now compare this poor soul with ‘The Happy Dublin Taxi Driver’! Click this link and watch this guy in the video.

….and enjoy a laugh and a soul lifting experience that will make your day! This guy is beckoned out of his taxi, by a woman who is dancing in the street! With a crowd of people the taxi driver dances (he isn’t bad either!!) and enjoy some frivolity with the revelers! Which cab driver would you prefer to ride with? And also….which one are you more likely to give a tip to? So one can see, that when you really analyse how you behave, and how you see the world, equates to your success and fulfillment, in living on this awesome planet!!

How does this equate to weight loss and feeling good?? Pretty obvious answer I think! Think happy….looking healthy and energised, does that put you in a better place to create the person you see in your dreams? It is not about having the flattest abs, the strongest biceps or the best body. It is about what’s going on between your ears!

It is about having the time to spend preparing a delicious and nutritional meal to share with your family, or friends….or just you! It is about taking the time to exercise every day, don’t have time to exercise? How much time do you devote to being on the internet or ‘shopping’? Share a little of that time with your body! Feeling more like the Dublin Taxi driver? Computers are meant to relieve us of time, and give us the opportunities, to spend more time doing what we like, and spending more time with the ones we love! Even if you are thinking about what you are going to write in your report when you are at the gym or walking the dog, it is productive and satisfying. Being the best we can be…..means having the energy and positive frame of mind, that we can share with others, not be arseholes and butt heads (or bottoms!!) So, perhaps the saying shouldn’t be ‘Stop and smell the roses’….perhaps it should be ‘Stop and smell your co-workers butt hole’….not savory….but I bet it made you smile!! Health is about your state of mind…take the time to give it life!

I love to energise middle aged people to be their best ever! I believe that in the Industrial revolution….the middle aged were ‘put out to pasture’ because our bodies were starting to be less productive and we were slowing down. What they didn’t realise…that we know now, being in the ‘Information age’ that our minds are active and we still have a lot to offer. Keeping fit and healthy enriches our ability to give experience and hope to the future generation. Please contact me with any questions, or if you are ready to change your life! Pam@maimoacaregiver.com or call (406) 407–6496 and check out our blog www.kickarsecoaching. Follow us at https://www.facebook.com/kickarsecoaching/ or on Twitter https://twitter.com/PamMaimoa

Originally published at www.kickarsecoaching.com.