Learn How to Ride the Waves of Anxiety Effectively
Lisa Gallagher

Maybe I will become a surfer in my next life?? The answer is YOU will be a surfer in this life too. I remember telling you somewhere that you will surf through these tides on a surf board which is the positive energy, love and concern you have for the ones you love and the one’s around you. Your a feather than simply cannot sink but will rise up all the time. You inspire me. I am much like you Lisa and while I don’t think giving out love is harmful when it get’s in the way of one’s wellness much care must be taken. If caring about the one’s you love will cure you off this completely I suggest you do this whenever you can. Try reaching out to other’s once your hubby is better.

Wishing your hubby a speedy recovery. Take care. You go surfer :)

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